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Last Week’s Done List

I am a person that tends to focus on the things I lack or the things I perceive myself as “failing” in rather than on my successes. As this is clearly not a recipe for personal fulfillment and happiness, I’m working on concentrating on my little victories rather than simply on my shortcomings. Although each week has a “to-do” list, I’m trying much harder to take the time to applaud myself for my “done” list. If you’d like, join with me in celebrating your own “Done” lists and link up your posts below!
My Done List (Week of 10/24 – 10/30)

*Got a brilliant idea of what I’m going to do for Matt’s Christmas gift. I’m really excited about it. (But it’s a surprise, so I can’t tell!)
*Attended my Mom’s amazing Halloween party on Saturday (pictures to follow)
*Told my boss very candidly exactly what I thought of certain particulars in our office (this was a huge accomplishment for me–usually I’m scared to death to bring up what I really think at my job)
*Turned in a check that paid our rent for the next 6 months (woo hoo!)
*Found time to read almost a hundred pages in Breaking Night (no, this book has nothing to do with Twilight)
*Tried out the Yoga Meltdown DVD that was loaned to me
*Played tennis
*Made our bed more days than not
*Did the dishes more days than not (baby steps, people)
*Mailed off half a dozen thank-you notes
*Bought new box of thank-you notes
*Entered our ward’s Chili Cookoff (and even though ours didn’t win, we heard enough compliments on it to jokingly award ourselves “The People’s Choice Chili)
*Fended off my craving to eat the bakery orange rolls sitting by my work desk all week and (mostly) fended off my cravings for 7-11 hot chocolate (3 days out of 5)
*Read over some old General Conference talks at work and posted some of the loveliest thoughts on my other blog (Soul in Symmetry)

Still to do:
*Finish those thank-you notes once and for all!
*Finish hanging up the wall decorations in our apartment (after 6 months)

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