Done List

This Week’s Done List

This Week’s Done List:
*Screamed myself hoarse at the USU basketball game on Friday night (picture post to follow)
*Beat everyone in Settlers of Catan
*Beat Matt at Monopoly Deal (ha ha)
*Had a girls’ night (finally!) with my old roommates
*Did not finish my milkshake at said girls’ night (yay for learning to stop when I’m satisfied)
*Worked on my communication skills (this is huge for me)
*Remembered to clean my hair out of the drain after showering 2 out of 3 times (baby steps, people)
*Didn’t wait until the last minute to submit one of my writing assignments
*Did blog post on the results of last month’s Change It Up Challenge
*Read over 100 pages more in Breaking Night
*Mailed off all the thank-you notes
*Joyfully made it through the first six months of marriage
*Made our bed every morning (with Matt’s help)

To Do Still:
*Finish Breaking Night
*Do blog post on this month’s Change It Up Challenge (I’d love your feedback on it—I could definitely use some tips in the area that I’m working on this month!)
*Survive the week of insanity that lies ahead of me: it’s a 60-hour workweek, people. This could get interesting.

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