Done List

Last Week’s Done List

Last Week’s Done List
*Gained a pound and a half of well-fed evidence on my love handles. Totally worth it.
*Gathered up every item in our home and moved it all to the center of each room, away from the walls.
*Realized I had way too much stuff.
*Donated (or am in the process of donating) many lovelies to the D.I.
*Survived our first roach spraying experience
*Finished an annotated bibliography of 30 texts I might someday use in my content area
*Started a new book (Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson)
*Played Settlers of Catan way more than most humans would care to.
*Won approximately 27% of those games
*Went undefeated in my family’s Thanksgiving Rook tournament with my sister Jill as my partner
*Saved over $300 on Black Friday
*Somehow convinced Matt to come with me for Black Friday (ha ha! It’s a Christmas miracle!)
*Went on one glorious, one-hour walk on the clear perfection that was Thanksgiving night
*Realized just a little more how blessed my life really is.

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