Done List

This Week’s Done List

This Week’s Done List:

*Celebrated being just days away from Thanksgiving Break with some discounted chocolate satin pie and bubbly. Let the weekend of good eating begin!
*Finished the most annoying assignment of my life: compiling an annotated bibliography of 30 texts that I could potentially use in my future classroom. Yuck.
*Read over 175 pages of student writing and met with almost 30 different students to discuss said pages (I don’t know how I made it through that particular nightmare, considering I still had my normal job to worry about as well as my own homework, my church calling, and my hubby).
*Went grocery shopping for the first time in over a month. Well, “real” grocery shopping (aka, when I buy more than just milk and bananas). Matt was so happy he probably could have cried.
*Cleaned out the fridge. It was this act that ultimately clinched the undeniable truth that I couldn’t put off going to the grocery store any longer. (Translation: we were out of milk, eggs, meat, fresh fruits or vegetables of any kind, and, horror of horrors, cheese. Interestingly, we were not out of ice cream. But that was because we’d made a special stop to buy it two days before).
*Finally finished a book
*Went to Matt’s vocal recital and was again astonished at how amazing he is. (Brag moment here: he was saved, along with the other very best singers, for the very end of the recital. He was the best male singer by far. Musical talent is so attractive).
*Hit up Old Navy’s pre-Black Friday sale and saved over $120 (and no, I did not need to SPEND $120 to get to that amount either).
Still To Do:
 *Buy a pre-lit Christmas tree on real Black Friday so that we can start decorating our very first tree together this next weekend 🙂
*Take one of my cardigans back to Old Navy because the stupid security tag was still left on it. If I had a dollar every time that happened to me…seriously…

*Eat myself silly on Thursday and not feel one bit guilty about it.

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