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Gallbladder-Less and Surviving

It’s true, folks—you can actually, legitimately live and survive without your gallbladder firmly in place, dishing up extra bile to your kidneys (or whatever the heck it does).

I’m living proof.

It’s been an odd week, though–there have been stitches to get used to, some interesting trips to the bathroom (TMI?), and a lot of painkillers being ingested.

But we found out that maybe Miss Raven gets her hands-in-face-while-sleeping thing from me.

I have also found out, from the all of three times or so that I’ve actually left the house since the baby was born, that I have absolutely no clothes that I want to (or can) wear other than sweats, both due to the fact that none of my “normal” clothes fit and that anything tight irritates my incisions.

I’m trying to soak up and enjoy every minute of new mom-hood that I can, but I’ll say this—

I’m glad this week is almost over.

Luckily, we do actually have some plans for this weekend that consist of more than just round-the-clock baby care and trying to catch up on some sleep, so that should be fun. Pics to come soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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