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Snapshot of Today

Snapshot of My Life Today 7/31/23

I took a looooong break from doing these posts, but when I re-read one of them the other day, I remembered how much I loved the format and how much fun it is for me to have these to look back on from year to year.

My last snapshot post was last summer, and quite a lot has changed for us since then, the biggest of which has been the arrival of our fourth (and last) child in April. Now with a newborn added back into the mix, it’s definitely switched things up for us, and we’ve also been dealing with the usual busy-ness that is flower farming during peak season.

I’ve also decided to slightly change the format thanks to inspiration from Stephany, who has been doing these Snapshot posts on her own blog and who added a bit to the prompts herself, and I think her additions are super fun. (She came up with the prompts about the last text sent and the last thing I spent money on.) So thank you, Stephany!

Here’s a little glimpse into our day today (Monday):

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Snapshot of Today – 7/31/2023

Time I woke up: 6:40 a.m., after hitting snooze once
First thing I did upon waking: started pumping a bottle for the baby
Current weather: about 73 degrees and overcast, with light sprinklings of rain on and off. My favorite kind of summer day!
Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet): Simplicity Parenting (I tried reading this years ago but abandoned it because the tone was starting to bug me too bad, but I’m giving it another shot since I continue to hear such good things about it), The Artistry of Flowers (I read and study a few pages every night before bed), and Everything Sad is Untrue (from my Summer Reading List)
Last website I visited: my credit union’s
Last show I watched: The Chosen, several nights ago. Since we brought Naomi home from the NICU, I’ve hardly watched t.v. at all.

flower arrangement I did today for the farm’s social media

Last thing I said: “Just close it behind you, okay?” (To Mathias, to remind him to close my closet door after he’d asked permission to get more watercolor paper out.)
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened: While I was working on a flower arrangement, I let out a loud gasp as I saw a mouse run under our fridge out of the corner of my eye. Living in an older home (our house was built in 1920) out in the country means that mice in the house are a part of life, unfortunately, but I still never get used to it. It immediately killed all of my motivation for making the dinner I’d planned (our favorite creamy chicken noodle soup plus gluten-free bread), but maybe I’ll calm down in the next hour or so and just brave it, anyway.
Last text I sent: “Well that’s one way to stop me from getting into the freezer to snitch more cookie dough…” (to Matt, after I’d called and talked to him about the mouse situation so he could pick up more traps if we needed to)
Last thing I ate: my favorite summer salad–fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado with salt and some feta cheese

Last thing I spent money on: Our clothes dryer completely quit working on us Friday night, which meant that on Saturday afternoon, we had to go in search of a new one. We looked into trying to repair it, but the cost to do so wouldn’t have been worth it, especially as we got the dryer for free many years ago. We ended up getting a new one for around $600, which definitely was NOT in the budget for this month, lemme tell you…
Current whereabouts of other members of household: Matt’s picking up a few things at the grocery store, the older three kids are watching some shows before dinner, and the baby is dozing/kicking/looking around.
What I was doing an hour ago: Making up a mason jar arrangement to photograph for our flower farm’s social media (pictured above)
What I’ll be doing an hour from now: preparing dinner (mice or no mice)
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today: filling out the monthly spreadsheets that I update the last day every month (our net worth spreadsheets and my blog and farming spreadsheets) and finalizing August’s budget

state of the kitchen table for most of today

Well, as I finish this post off and get ready to hit publish, I guess I re-found the motivation to do dinner, so let’s all cross our fingers that the mouse stays put until tonight after we’re in bed, when it can wander right out into the trap we’ll be setting out for it…

As always, I love to read what YOU are up to today, so go ahead and copy and paste the prompts below into a comment or post and then tag back to me so I can see!

(post a picture of yourself right now)
Time I woke up:
First thing I did upon waking:
Current weather:
(post a picture of one thing you’ve done so far)
Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet):
Last website I visited:
Last show I watched:
Last thing I said:
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened:
(post picture of something you’ve eaten today)
Last thing I ate:
Current whereabouts of other members of household:
What I was doing an hour ago:
What I’ll be doing an hour from now:
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today:
(post a picture of your home/apartment/room/location right now)

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