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A Snapshot of My Life Today 8/24/21

Another month, another Snapshot of My Life Today post! Today’s is a little different as I’m completing it late at night instead of early afternoon like I normally do. My oldest started 1st grade last week, and we’re definitely still adjusting to how to fit in all the flower farming stuff into the new school routine. It’s been a super challenging and emotionally draining last week, but we carry on anyway!

Here’s just a little slice of what our day looked like today.

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tonight as I headed off to the temple (this dress is my #1 favorite right now — it’s from the Knox Rose line at Target, which I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed with)

Time I woke up: sometime around 6, when the two older kids both came upstairs and climbed into our bed, and then I woke up for good to my alarm at 6:30 (though reluctantly, I will say!)
First thing I did upon waking: after the usual (prayers, bathroom), I took and edited the pictures of the three market bouquets I have available for sale today and then posted them on the flower farm’s Facebook page (amidst helping kids get breakfast, go to the bathroom, etc.)
Current weather:
sunny but not too hot — these 80-degree days lately have been heavenly!

one of the market bouquets I posted for sale today

Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet): The Giver of Stars (which I posted my review of on Goodreads), The Simple Path to Wealth (slowly but surely making my way through that one), and Car Car Truck Jeep (this is my 20-month-old’s absolute favorite book right now)
Last website I visited:
Facebook (because for the first time in a very, very long time, I actually did a personal post on there and had comments to read/respond to)
Last show I watched:
Big Bang Theory (last night)
Last thing I said:
“Did the kids go down okay?” (Matt was on his own for bedtime routine because tonight was my night to go the temple.)
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened:
Honestly, doing a personal (and vulnerable) post on Facebook was pretty darn out of the ordinary for me, which affected a lot of today’s mood (though in a positive way). Sometimes I get caught up in all the toxicity that can (and does) happen via social media that I forget that it can also be a wonderful way to get support and share insights. Also, I *think* I got stung by a hornet(?) yesterday while I was out harvesting flowers for our bouquets. So there was that, too.

tonight’s dinner

Last thing I ate: a leftover roll from dinner
Current whereabouts of other members of household: Matt is out in our family room painting some 3-D prints he made and all the kids are asleep in bed
What I was doing an hour ago: I was serving in the temple (if you aren’t of my faith and would like to know more about what temples are and why they’re important in my religion, you can click here).
What I’ll be doing an hour from now:
hopefully getting ready for bed, although I’ll probably be talking to Matt in reality or watching a short t.v. show with him
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today:
Today’s pretty much done, but one thing I did cross off the list was to do a whole bunch of laundry. I wanted to make some more headway on deciding for sure whether we’re going to try selling our bouquets at the farmer’s market this weekend (which will require that we borrow a few things, like a canopy tent), but I got caught up doing a bunch of stuff around the house today instead and forgot.

the current state of our bedroom – laundry for daaaaaays all over the place and our clean sheets are still in the dryer…

Thanks for peeking in for a glimpse of our day, and if you want to play along, you can copy and paste the prompts below into a comment or you can go ahead and create a blog post of your own and link back to me so I can see it!

(post a picture of yourself right now)
Time I woke up:
First thing I did upon waking:
Current weather:
(post a picture of one thing you’ve done so far)
Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet):
Last website I visited:
Last show I watched:
Last thing I said:
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened:
(post picture of something you’ve eaten today)
Last thing I ate:
Current whereabouts of other members of household:
What I was doing an hour ago:
What I’ll be doing an hour from now:
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today:
(post a picture of your home/apartment/room/location right now)

Hope you’re having a good week, and if it’s been challenging for whatever reason (as ours has been), know that you’re not alone <3

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