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Snapshot of My Life Today 6/23/22

I got too busy last month to do one of these Snapshot posts, but this week has been much slower than usual because the peonies are finished blooming, which means I’ve had a slight lull in harvesting and arranging for the flower farm. I still made up a few CSA bouquet subscriptions this week, but for the last two weeks I’ve had custom orders and pop up sales to do since we had so many peonies, so I was putting in full time hours then.

This week’s been a welcome break as I finished up all necessary bouquets for the week on Tuesday, so I’ve been able to concentrate on getting ready for our Hawaii trip coming up and doing some odds and ends around the house. Almost everything is planted out on the farm now with the exception of the last half of the dahlia tubers, which I’ve slowly been chipping away at (and which I worked on today, as you’ll see below).

Our summer days so far have all had a nice rhythm to them the past couple weeks with the kids being in swim lessons. Each day starts with breakfast and then getting ready to head out to the pool for their lessons, which start at 9 a.m. Once those are finished, we walk back home, get everyone changed, and then I’ve been printing out free coloring pages from this cool website, which has kept the kids occupied for hours each day as they’ll all sit up to the kitchen table for an hour or two to color. Then it’s lunch, nap and quiet time in the afternoon, running errands, and before we know it, it’s time to prep dinner. I’m loving the slow pace combined with some definite routines, and the kids have been enjoying it, too.

Here’s what today has looked like thus far:

Note: There are affiliate links to the books mentioned below.

Time I woke up: just before my alarm went off at 6:45 a.m., partly because of my son Mathias being awake and making noise and partly because of the sun hitting my face
First thing I did upon waking: I went out to the kitchen to help Mathias get some cereal for breakfast
Current weather: Sunny with a few clouds; the temperature is about 80

Another thing I accomplished today was making a massive batch of hard-boiled eggs in our Instant Pot to try and stay ahead of the crazy amount of eggs we’re getting from our chickens right now

Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet): The Anthropocene Reviewed (from my Summer 2022 Reading List), Organizing for the Rest of Us (I will read anything Dana K. White publishes, even it it’s basically just a rehashing of her other two books), and the first Fablehaven (our current family read-aloud)
Last website I visited: NY Times, to do the Wordle
Last show I watched: The Office. Matt and I basically stopped watching after season 6, but I actually bought season 7 for him for Father’s Day last Sunday, so we’re catching up.
Last thing I said: “You need to let that settle for 10 minutes before you eat anything else.” (To Mathias, who is the bottomless pit and wanted yet more to eat for lunch, even though he’d already had a crazy large amount.)
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened: I started the process of going through all our old family photos again. This is a huge project I started several years ago as part of my first 101 in 1001 list, but I only got two albums in, the pictures of which were before we had kids and started taking a picture of them each day. I currently take around 15,000 pictures a year, which makes the process of narrowing and selecting pictures to all fit into one album per year extremely daunting. However, the kids have started getting really into pulling out the albums that I already made and looking at all the pictures, and I know they’d absolutely love it if I made up the next ones that would actually have pictures of them. Matt had the good idea that I could do it for a Christmas gift for the kids, so I figured I’d better get started early since I know it’s going to take forever 🙂

Last thing I ate: egg salad sandwich with nectarines for lunch + some Tootsie Rolls after 🙂
Current whereabouts of other members of household: the kids are all outside in the backyard on our deck, vrooming around on their bikes and scooters, along with Onyx (our dog), and Matt’s at work.
What I was doing an hour ago: planting yet more dahlias for our flower farm (I’m only about halfway through) and making lunch for the kids
What I’ll be doing an hour from now: I *should* be planting more dahlias, but once it gets to midday, I hate working out in the high tunnel because it is so hot and muggy in there, so I probably won’t get around to doing more planting until tonight when it’s cooler. So I’ll probably tidy up the house a bit, and maybe take a short cat nap if I can get away with it.
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today: Mathias and I both need to get some lab work done, so we’re planning on driving to the closest hospital later today to get that crossed off the list. I told him if he doesn’t cry and if he cooperates, I’ll take us all out for ice cream after. Fingers crossed.

pretty typical — random flowers all over the place, along with a nice big pile of dishes that needs to be washed 🙂

I always love it when YOU play along with the prompts and share your own snapshots from your day! You can either copy and paste the prompts into a comment below, or you can copy and paste them into a blog post of your own and tag me in it.

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Hope your June is going well!

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