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The Highs and Lows of Life Lately


Let’s play a fun little game wherein you, dear reader, are left to figure out for yourselves which statement belongs with which designation (aka, high or low).

(Hint: I haven’t made it extraordinarily difficult for you.)

Last Monday, we finally took Raven to the doctor to see why she wasn’t getting any better (to catch you up, she’d seemingly caught The Plague from me about two weeks ago), and we found out she had a double ear infection. On the bright side, at least we caught this one earlier than we caught the very first one she ever had.

While picking up her medicine, I, in a moment of desperate need, bought a 6-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper, and my awesome cashier gave me a discount even though I technically shouldn’t have qualified for it (since I only bought one pack instead of the required two). Rejoicing was felt all around while I reveled in the fact that I got the bottles of DDP for only 50 cents apiece.

(Minor) guilt ensued soon thereafter as I realized I really shouldn’t be drinking Diet Dr. Pepper at all since one of my new year’s resolutions was to break myself of my addiction to the stuff. (Fact: I went all the way through March, I believe, without touching any of it, then I got cocky and decided that since I no longer was having it every day, I must not be addicted and could therefore treat myself on special occasions, like when we went out to eat. Fact: after every such “treat,” I have had massive cravings for it for the week following, and have given in about 25% of the time to go buy more. Fact: that six-pack is going to be officially G-O-N-E in less than two hours, as the last bottle is in the freezer, awaiting its 50-minute perfection mark.)


We all went (Matt, Raven, and I) with our friends to Vintage Market Days here in Cache Valley on Saturday, and we just about died over the plethora of amazing crafts and antique finds and cool pieces that were found in abundance there. Although we would have loved to buy about every other thing we saw, we were good at sticking to our original plan to buy nothing and just enjoyed browsing (although I might be sorry one day down the road that we didn’t get one of the pieces…).

While at the fair, Raven proceeded to have multiple meltdowns, courtesy of us not letting her run amok as she pleased. (Note to self: next time, bring a stroller.) We have officially reached the stage where she is throwing tantrums in public, rather than just restricting herself to throwing tantrums at home. (The reason for my increased cravings for caffeine is becoming increasingly clearer…)


Two weeks ago, I did a blood test on my doctor’s orders, the results of which we both assumed would show that my pregnancy hormones had dropped to their normal non-pregnant levels and that this miscarriage would officially be termed complete.

Well, the opposite turned out to be true—my levels hadn’t dropped at all.

Today I went in again, two weeks later, and the good news is that while they had dropped significantly from before, they still aren’t likely low enough for my doctor to just leave me be. I’m a bit frustrated because I always like to choose to let my body handle things naturally wherever possible, but now we’ve had to wait almost two months, and I STILL might have to get the D & C procedure done.

Not cool.

It makes me think that I might as well have just gotten the procedure done in the first place and saved myself two months of waiting, but at least this way, I can say that I tried my best to do it my own way and according to what I wanted.


This new thing I’ve got going where I go without sugar for 3 days a week has made me pretty cranky a lot of the time. Combined with the constant rain and cold we had last week, I was not the easiest person to live with for the past 7 days.

However, I was able to stick with it (which always makes me feel like a rock star for actually following through), and I was able to see some immediate progress with my weight going down almost two pounds already, so that’s a start.

Also, the rain has left us again (for now, anyway), and today Raven and I thoroughly enjoyed going to our church’s local play group today, complete with sunshine and lots of flowers to point out along the way.

(This was a far cry better than the indoor play group we attempted last week in the church gym, where she bawled the majority of the time and refused to share any of the toys we’d brought with us.)


I’ve officially put the goal down on paper to get prequalified for a home mortgage loan this month, and we’ve been talking for weeks about finances and future plans and what we want. It’s really starting to get exciting!

Then, on Friday, I read an article all about how the housing market is basically the worst it’s been for ages for home buyers, due to an increased demand for homes (especially those within a lower budget) and a severe shortage of available homes (thanks to Utah’s high retention rate of the moment, mostly thanks to our economy being so stable). Having seen with my own eyes that homes in our price range are getting snatched up mere days after first going onto the market (with many selling at prices above their asking price) doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that now is a good time for us to start looking.

So now the question is…do we go ahead and chance the market and likely pay more for our future house than its worth for now? Or do we hold off for a year or so and risk the interest rates rising (which they’re predicted to do twice more in this year alone)?

What would you do?

And what are some the highs and lows in your life lately?

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