5 Things

5 Things


1. Today was the last Monday of the school year. If that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

2. After over a year of making do with just one vehicle, we are getting another car. Seeing as Matt just started a second part-time job this week, we really couldn’t put it off any longer. As of tomorrow, we will be the proud new owners of my grandma’s old red Buick, and I’ll have to re-learn how to drive an automatic without slamming my left foot down every time I need to brake suddenly.

This could be a bumpy ride.

3. Our apartment is currently a disaster zone where human habitation should probably be banned due to the plethora of moving boxes, half-finished projects, and rotting food (since I haven’t had much of a chance–or let’s face it, much of a desire–to clean out the fridge in several weeks). And although I realize I probably shouldn’t have this reaction, one positive thing I get from all this moving prep is seeing how many boxes we’ve filled up with books—I think we’re already at over 20 boxes, and we still have a bookshelf and a half left to pack :). Life is good when you have more boxes of books than you do of dishes, clothes, and food combined.

4. I got released from my calling as Young Women’s President yesterday, and I have mixed feelings of sadness and relief over it. While it does free up a significant amount of time, I will miss it. (And I’m actually a bit bummed to be missing out on all the fun summer activities coming up—the young women are doing a ropes course AND going wakeboarding in the next month, and I’ll be missing them both.) I still haven’t gotten called to a new position yet, but for now I’ll enjoy the respite of meetings-less Sundays and Thursdays that this offers me.

5. Every day when I come home from work, my husband tentatively asks me how work went (tentatively because it seems like I’ve had various freak-outs over the past month over crazy stuff that’s gone down at the school). It’s finally gotten to the point where on most days, I simply offer up the most optimistic answer I can muster to prevent myself from complaining for the next hour:

“I’m sure I’ve had worse teaching days.”

And THAT, friends, is why I know EXACTLY how long I have until summer break hits.

Happy Monday, y’all!


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