5 Things

5 Things + Blog Announcement

I think I might permanently change my Tuesday Tell-Alls to posts with just 5 things, just because it is so much easier (plus there’s just something magical about odd-numbered lists, isn’t there?).

Here’s what’s been happening lately:

1. The third (and last trimester) of the school year started last week, and I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I am beyond thrilled that my Spanish class from hell is officially over with, and my new Spanish class is significantly easier to manage and more motivated than the last group was, which is a definite plus. Most of my classes are mixed up in such a way that I don’t feel like tearing my hair out, or at least not until my 6th hour (which is my last hour of the day). My 6th hour just has that perfect chemical blend of behavioral problems and behavioral fence-sitters to push most of the class over the edge—basically, I have ended almost every day of the new trimester with a seat change, a kid getting sent to the office with a behavioral slip, or a class-wide telling-off.

But it is what it is, and my one consoling fact is that we are officially in the downward slope, and I only have 11 more weeks before summer. (Not that I’m counting down or anything….)

2. Because I’m a second year teacher (and I apparently don’t have enough stress in my life), my district has mandated that I complete an intensive portfolio showing proof of all I’ve learned as a teacher and how I’m meeting all the state’s educational standards for educators. Along with presenting proof of my so-called competency with what the district calls “artifacts,” I also have to write a multi-paragraph reflection for each item in the portfolio. All in all, it amounts to about 12 pages worth of writing and a lot of collecting of old data, and it’s got to be one of the stupidest hoops they make new teachers jump through.

(Because I mean really—who is ever really going to look at my portfolio? The powers that be always claim that schools looking to hire will want to see it, but I have seen no evidence of that statement anywhere I’ve turned. It’s a flimsy excuse to make sure we’re keeping our toes in line, and that’s that.)

The good news? A lot of my blog posts fit the requirements for the “reflections,” so I was able to copy some of my posts verbatim into the portfolio.

Another good reason to have a blog, people–you never know when your random essays on life and work and shopping will come in handy.

3. Running has become a bit of a paradox for me lately. Because I’ve had so much on my plate, running and training for my half marathon has just become one more thing on my to-do list, and my training schedule is a constant point of stress for me because I know my runs are something I “have” to do now in order to be prepared for the race. However, whenever I DO fit in my runs, I feel significantly less stressed right after due to the release of endorphins, which significantly helps me when it comes to managing my heavy workload.

So basically, I am significantly increasing my stress load only to have it lessened by the same thing that’s causing a lot of the stress.

Go figure.

4. We went home to Bountiful last weekend to spend time with family and friends, and you know what I realized? It was the first time we had hung out with my best friend and her husband for almost five months.

That’s just sad.

What is it about becoming an adult that makes spending time with friends so stinkin’ hard?

5. For the rest of the week, I will be living life up in Yellowstone, since it’s Matt’s spring break and since I was looking for any excuse I could to take a vacation. We are hoping to snowmobile into the park, spend an embarrassing amount of time watching t.v. in the hotel and trying out their hot tub, and maybe catch a show or two.

I’m stoked. (And I totally need this right now.)

And now for the blog announcement—

To fully afford me the delicate attention and focus I’ll be needing to have myself a stellar vacation, I probably won’t be poking my face around this here part of the Internet until next week.

So in case I don’t see you (because I likely won’t)—-

Good morning,
Good afternoon, and

Good night.

Peace out.


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