5 Things

Questions about Bras + 4 Things


1. So I need to buy a new bra (TMI?), and I’m in a bit of a conundrum over the whole process. About 7 or 8 years ago, I went into a Victoria’s Secret to get a bra fitting. When the woman was doing the fitting, she took my band size and added five inches to it, then subtracted that number from the number she got from measuring around my bust. Then she proceeded to tell me, “Well, good luck finding something—you’re apparently in between two band sizes and two cup sizes, so you might have a tricky time finding anything.” True story. So here I’ve been, all these years later, thinking I’m between all these sizes and that’s the reason my bras don’t fit well and yada yada yada.

Well, while doing some informal Internet research, I seem to be finding that there are two ways to do a bra fitting—the first way (which I had done at Victoria’s Secret, where five inches are added to the measurement taken under your bust), and the second way, where that same measurement is converted straight over to be your band size, and the difference is then taken from that non-added-upon number to get your cup size.

You wanna know why I’m so perplexed?

Because between the two methods, my cup sizes are FIVE SIZES DIFFERENT!

Now, someone please who knows something about this matter tell me which method is the correct method?

2. In other news, I’m finally going into get my hair cut/colored today. It’s only been, let’s see, SEVEN MONTHS. Unfortunately for all you readers hoping for pics of a drastic change, I’m getting the exact same color/cut I did last time, which is the first time that has happened in the history of ever. What can I say? It took me twenty-seven years to hit upon my perfect haircut/color, and I’m not about to go crazy and change it now!


3. I finally broke down and bought The Fault in our Stars so I could see what all the hype is about already (and I solidly refuse to see the movie on that one until I’ve read the book). Of course, from the movie trailer and the little whispers about the book and movie across the World Wide Web here, I pretty much already know what happens. I’m hoping it’s still worth reading though?

Have you read the book or seen the movie? And tell me—will I cry during both? And how much? Because me and ugly sobbing in a darkened movie theater is just that = ugly.

4. Next week, we’re going on my first camping trip with my family in memory (although apparently my family used to go all the time, but when I was born, it just got to be too much or something). I’ve never been a huge fan of camping (mostly because I am unable to sleep in a tent), but I’m excited for this one. The thing about camping is that I never really look forward to getting all grungy and going all wild out in nature, but afterwards, I’m always, ALWAYS glad that I’ve gone (and I think about how I should go more often). It’s a love/hate thing I guess.

But here’s the real question—-Matt and I are in charge of planning a breakfast for 20 people that can be made over a fire or with a Dutch oven, so…what should we do? Come on, all you campers–help a girl out here!


5. We have box elder bugs everywhere outside our new place here, and it’s the only blemish on an otherwise ideal apartment for us. Seriously though, these bugs are killing me—I have stopped taking trips outside that are not absolutely necessary because I’m always dive-bombed by at least 4 or 5 of the little suckers. And we have tried getting rid of them with Raid Max (which killed several hundred of them because I sprayed them directly, and they now lay in a massacred heap all over our porch and front steps), but they just keep coming back! I pretty much hate them.

And that’s five things, folks! I won’t be back posting until next week most likely (due to the holiday), so I hope your Independence Day (if you’re celebrating it) is safe from rogue fireworks (unlike mine last year) and full of lots and lots of barbecue food.

Happy long weekend to everyone!

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