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A Berry Quick Post

You know life is hectic when I can’t even find time to blog (which I actually desperately want to do but just can’t fit in at the moment). The amount of half-written blog posts I have in my drafts folder is getting to be a bit staggering, actually.

So, in honor of making things a little less staggering, I’ll give it to you short and sweet:

1. Raven was a strawberry for Halloween. She basically stole everyone’s hearts (as usual), including ours. She is so much fun at this stage, I can’t even handle the cuteness!

2. We went to two Halloween parties on the holiday–a loud-and-proud all-out celebration full of games and treats and chaos at my mom’s place, followed up by a super low-key event at Matt’s parents’, which was a great way to round out the day.

 (Almost all of my siblings and all our kids in one place—doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should!)

3. One of my best friends just had her baby, and he is beyond adorable. Also, I was super excited that they asked me to take some newborn shots of him (and some family shots of them) on Halloween afternoon. What a great way to spend the day!

4. Someday I will hopefully have time to actually really write about everything that’s been happening.

That day will probably not be coming anytime soon.

5. On the plus side, I’ve got an adorable little baby to go snuggle with. Cheers!

And that’s all you get! Time for the baby to be put down to bed!

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