5 Things, Buying a Home

Buying a Home is No Joke + 4 Other Things


1. We’ve been fortunate in that we largely feel this home we’re in the process of buying is a really good fit for us and that, in many ways, it does seem that it was “meant to be.” So while my emotions–which usually tend towards anxiety and worry–have been surprisingly at peace throughout the whole thing thus far, my body is apparently still feeling the effects of the stress since I came down with strep throat sometime around Friday or so (again).

While it’s not nearly as severe as the last time I had it, it still has forced me into taking more bed rest breaks than I’d care to have, and it’s been a good reminder that despite my usually limitless mental energy, sometimes my body needs me to give it a break once in awhile.

2. Do you want to know a weird fact about me? While most people dread packing for a move, I actually kind of love it. I love the opportunity it gives me to go through everything and declutter when necessary, and I love the feeling of being able to re-sort things together and see everything in one place. I know when it comes closer to our move, this love won’t probably be quite as strong as it is now, just a dozen or so boxes in, but I always get excited at the prospect of packing.

Like a weirdo.

3. Aside from the stress from trying to buy this new home, I think the thing that really may have sent my body over the edge was a particularly grueling bags class (aka, a kickboxing-type class, but against a heavy bag), in which I literally completed over 800 kicks and 1600 punches (I know this, because it was my most-dreaded version of the class of all—the “Hundreds” class). Not only did it leave me super susceptible to strep throat (apparently), but it also left me barely able to walk and almost unable to move my lower back at all.

When asked why I went so hard in the class by Matt, I admitted that I have issues with needing to finish what I start and that I am apparently unable to be responsible when it comes to bag-punching when the instructor tells me to step up my game.

There’s another class tonight, and I’m sadly still considering going.

Apparently I just don’t know when to quit.

4. Last week was the first week in about two months or so where I didn’t finish two books in the week (I *only* finished one). While I’m well ahead of schedule for reading 50 books this year, I wanted to see how long I could keep up the two-a-week thing I started when all of my library holds came in at the same time a couple months ago.

Apparently I can indeed read two books most weeks. Who knew?

5. We’re down to selling the last dozen or so things leftover from our last foray into storage-shed buying, and we’re really dropping prices over here so that we can hopefully get rid of most of it before the move next month. (For those who are curious, we’re planning on moving on the 24th, as of now).

While I’ve been desperate to get rid of this stuff for months (especially the gargantuan macaw birdcage that’s currently residing in our kitchen, of all places), both Matt and I kind of can’t wait to buy another one BECAUSE THE NEW PLACE HAS SOOOOO MUCH STORAGE.

Seriously, though—-

We just don’t know when to quit.

(For more info on our little side business of buying up storage sheds, click here.)

Happy Wednesday, all! Here’s hoping that I’m the only one dealing with the aftereffects of strep-throat antibiotics today!

 This is how I’m really getting through the week, folks (especially because we–horror of horrors–ran out of chocolate chips and basically every other kind of easy-accesible sugar this week)—CHOCOLATE SUGAR COOKIES.
(Washed down by an “emergency” pack of Diet Dr. Pepper I broke down and bought for myself back on Monday, whilst in the throes of strep despair.)
It’s a thing, people. 
Look it up.