5 Things

5 Things


1. My goal to lose 5 pounds before the half marathon is going splendidly—something I forgot with weight loss is that two things really help me out: one, if I track my calories via myfitnesspal, and two, if I am able to see results relatively quickly. My problem before was that I wasn’t seeing enough progress through exercise alone to make me want to make any more drastic changes, which only led to me gaining weight. Once I saw two pounds come off in the first week of counting calories, I felt much more enthused about continuing with it. Who knows? Maybe come half-marathon time, I’ll even be 7 or 8 pounds down. That’s a possible 16 seconds faster per mile, people!

2. This week back at work after spring break has not been great. Surprisingly, it’s actually not really due to the students like it usually is—in fact, I think I’ve pretty much reached the point where I can tolerate quite a bit before it tips me over the edge for the day (like I was able to tolerate–and even laugh about– kids taking off their shoes and licking them or putting sticks into their mouths or stirring up a mutiny against me when I tried to make them learn to dance salsa in Spanish, all true things that have happened in the past 5 days). No, it’s the drama that’s been going round and round in the typical politics of the school, and somehow I found myself present for far too much of it.


3. I made the most delightful apple-and-carrots dish today that was simply divine—think softy and gooey with flavors of orange, nutmeg, and butter. Amazing. It was really all I felt like making after a long last workday of the week (and after donating plasma—which I can finally do again!—and going grocery shopping). It is basically because of that fatigue that I didn’t do a Financial Friday post as planned today (sorry, folks! those recipes will be coming next week).

4. On Monday, I went into the Instacare to have my ear blown out again since the buildup had become so bad that I couldn’t hear for about 3 days straight. I’m pretty frustrated by it, actually, because I never had any problems with my ears being too waxy until last year, and then the doctor told me I should never, ever use Q-tips (which I’ve been using regularly all my life). So I didn’t use them at all and tried some of the other methods (like washing them out in the shower or putting in ear drops), but it only meant that I was back in the doctor’s office 6 months later getting them blown out again. Basically I’ve decided that I’m just going to keep using the evil ol’ Q-tip and see if the problem is fixed. Doctor’s orders, schmoctor’s orders. I’ll do what I want.

(Although I’m curious—do you use Q-tips or do you go an alternative route?)


5. Around these parts, Matt has been sick all week and I haven’t done the dishes at all in days. I hope the two aren’t related.

Happy weekend, friends!

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