My First Teaching Job!!!

Well, it’s happened–even though the teaching job market looked incredibly bleak and I had almost given up hope, I did end up interviewing with three different schools and actually got job offers from all three. So the past few days have been filled with pros and cons lists and a lot of soul-searching, but I have finally decided on the school:

You are now looking (theoretically) at the new 7th grade English teacher at Harris Intermediate School in Tremonton!

I couldn’t be more excited–the staff have been incredibly welcoming, and I feel so blessed that they seem as eager to get me as a teacher as I am to work there. I came very close to accepting a job offer from a school that was much closer, but in the end, I went with what my gut told me: at Harris, I would be able to have more flexibility with my lesson planning, the teachers I would be closely working with really respect my opinions and seem excited to see what ideas I have to offer, and I would probably have a much greater chance of really making an impact in students’ lives.  And in the end, those are three of the most important things to me.

So even though I’ll have a much greater commute (almost 40 minutes, meaning I’ll have to leave around 6 every morning), I felt like I needed to go with the school where I would grow the most as a person and as an educator.

So watch out, kids—mwa ha ha!!

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