Fun With Friends, Photo Walk

Weekend With Chelsee

Since Matt and I live in a small-ish valley about an hour and a half away from family and where we both grew up, we often aren’t graced with much company.

However, occasionally some of our friends from Bountiful (or elsewhere) will take mercy on us in our lonely and forgotten married state and come visit.

This weekend, we were lucky to play host and hostess to my friend Chelsee from high school (who also happened to be the photographer for our wedding). I was so excited to have her come up, and we had a fabulous times watching movies, going out to eat, and even helping out with a local service project. My favorite part, however, was when she agreed to go on a little photo walk with me. As you know, she’s a brilliant photographer, and it was way fun to learn some tips and tricks of the trade (and finally learn a little more about how my camera operates).

We loved having you, Chelsee! Come again soon!

(These two photos below by Chelsee–I’ve been tring forever to get a good spiderweb shot, and she nailed it on her first try!) 
(The two photos below are mine–we spent a lot of our walk talking about different lighting effects. She really opened my eyes so that I now look at the lighting in my shots way more than I did before–thanks a ton, Chelsee!)

 And, just because I can’t resist, check out how amazing these crepes look! Oh, how I love Angie’s (a local diner that we frequent a lot). I’d never tried these before, and I was definitely impressed.

A very sweet weekend, indeed!

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