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Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us!

Marriage always requires taking a risk because no matter how well you think you know someone or how long you date someone, only time and experience and the experience of a shared life will expose someone’s true character to you.

Lucky for me, Matt is good and honest and true down to his core, and taking a chance on him was the best risk I ever took.

We’ve gone through a lot of wonderful times and some hard times in the last five years, and I’m confident we’ll have wonderful and hard times in the 5 years ahead.

But one thing is for sure–

I’m sure glad I picked this guy to be by my side for all of it.

Happy 5 years to us, Matt! (Note: We actually hit 5 years on Saturday, but I didn’t post because we were too busy out and about and enjoying ourselves at the zoo and then later at the new Captain America movie for me to get around to hopping on a computer.)

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