10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10 (uh…16 on 10)

So…there may or may not be 16 pictures in this post of 10 on 10.


(But about 5 of them are concerning her new birthday toys, so really those should all count as one. Yeah, I know—my justification skills are amazing.)

Of course, if I were really amazing, I would cut it down to 10 and do the other six in other posts that were just begging for adorable pics of my kid. But, as the saying goes, go big or go home, so Cuteness Overload you shall have.

1// Mommy/Daughter pic on Mother’s Day

2// Her little “wings” on the side of her hair are basically the best. Although Matt wants to cut them, I vehemently refuse to.

3// Forget buying toys—boxes are the best playthings.

4// Guess who figured out how to turn on the t.v.?

5// On her actual birthday, we took her to the huge Scholastic warehouse sale up at the university campus and bought her about a bajillion books. Best. Birthday. Ever. (Note: This particular book was not bought at that sale, but you can almost always find her dragging a book around with her wherever she goes.)

6// Because…Cuteness. (Again, admire the wings.)

7// Until about two weeks ago, eating was unequivocally one of her favorite pastimes. (Who knows what’s happened since then…maybe more teeth coming in?)

8// Is it bad to hope that your kid will love all the same things (like playing piano) that you do?

9// It’s official: Time-Out is successful. We no longer have to worry about our DVD collection being strewn all over the floor the second we’ve put all our movies back.

10// Latest shenanigan–leaving surprises in our shoes (although I must admit, when I stick my foot into my shoe before work in the morning and find a little present left in there, it basically makes my morning).

11/ Because sometimes you just need to wear a birthday crown (c/o of my Dad’s Hallmark card he sent for her special day).

12 + 13// Sharing smiles and stories with Daddy.

14// Enjoying her new birthday toy + doing her new “thing” where she squints every time I try and take a picture

Whenever I’m tempted to stop doing our “picture a day of Raven” thing, I look back at all the pics I’ve taken (while prepping posts like these) and basically make up my mind to never, ever stop (or at least keep the gig running for as long as possible).

And, as per custom, some little bonus videos:

Raven Dances for the First Time
Raven Says Nana (Banana)
Raven Walks for Pill Bottle
(Don’t worry–the pill bottle is empty of all pills. Just saying.)

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