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A Snapshot of My Life Today 7/20/21

rockin’ my favorite joggers and one of my many (many!) luxe tees from Old Navy today

Back with some old school blogging again today! This Snapshot a Day series is way quicker than doing a full Day in the Life post, but I think they’re both really fun to look back on and see how much changes from month to month and year to year. Here’s how things are looking today!

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Time I woke up: 6:30 a.m. to my alarm, though I woke up several times in the night for other reasons (more on that below)
First thing I did upon waking: went to the bathroom, then posted a pic of the first zinnia of the year to our flower farm’s Instagram page. Then I did my usual early morning stroll around the flower farm.
Current weather: Cloudy and overcast, with intermittent rain and thunderstorms. It has been a crazy dry and hot year here, and this current weather is HEAVENLY!!

took the kids out back this morning to cut all the too-short blooms for them to make their own bouquets

Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet): Plant Dreaming Deep by May Sarton (total comfort read for me right now), My First 100 Words board book, People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry (decent, but so far it’s not really grabbing me in like Beach Read did last year)
Last website I visited:
YouTube (to watch a garden tour from one of my favorite vloggers)
Last show I watched:
Big Bang Theory (an episode last night before bed)
Last thing I said:
“You can find your shoes, or you can stay inside.”
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened:
This morning around 3:30, we were all woken up by our house’s smoke alarms going off. With how widespread fires have been this year, it definitely put us straight into fight or flight mode, and Matt and I got all the kids upstairs and then proceeded to carefully walk around every room of the house to check for smoke. Nothing. Our best guess is that the unusual humidity from the rain we got last night (which was coming in through windows we’d left open to cool down the house) had triggered them.

Last thing I ate: chocolate chip cookie and some Diet Dr. Pepper (hmmm…I’m starting to sense a theme with these snapshot-a-day posts…)
Current whereabouts of other members of household:
Hyrum (my 19-month-old) is down in his room napping (or at least he should be…it sounds like he’s fighting that hardcore right now), and the older two kids are playing together in the playroom with a gigantic box we got the other day that held around 200 egg cartons (my daughter sells our chickens’ eggs). My husband Matt is at work.
What I was doing an hour ago: Cleaning up from lunch and making sure my middle child cleaned up his own huge mess that he made at lunch. Getting the baby down for a nap. Parenting my 6-year-old on the importance of honesty.
What I’ll be doing an hour from now: I’m trying to get the pictures together from a house update post, so I’ve slowly been taking those as I go around and tidy each room this morning, lol. I’ve tidied the front room and entry and gotten pictures and have started to clean up the kitchen, but I still have quite a bit more picking up so that you can actually see the updates we’ve made (rather than just the mess). I’ll probably be working on that most of the afternoon, and when I get sick of that, I’ll see if I can fit in some reading (if the kids cooperate).
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today: I have some flower farming tasks that I’ve kept putting off for various reasons, so tonight I should finally be transplanting the last of the sunflower starts, and I’m hoping to finish sowing indoors the rest of the seeds that I’m going to be overwintering. I finished up the snapdragons this morning (I sowed around 300 seeds of those), and I’m hoping to plant the rudbeckia, yarrow, dianthus, and feverfew tonight or tomorrow. We shall see.

Current state of the kitchen, before my afternoon tidy/clean-up

And that’s today so far in a nutshell!

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Time I woke up:
First thing I did upon waking:
Current weather:
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Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet):
Last website I visited:
Last show I watched:
Last thing I said:
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened:
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Last thing I ate:
Current whereabouts of other members of household:
What I was doing an hour ago:
What I’ll be doing an hour from now:
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today:
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