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Our Goal This Month: To Move and Not Go Crazy {July 2020 Goals + June Goals Recap}

Welp, June was crazy.

I didn’t do so well on some of my goals, but that’s to be expected, really—getting a house ready to sell is no walk in the park, especially with three small children underfoot. Honestly, I’m sitting in my kitchen right now typing this up and relishing the fact that there are dirty dishes in the sink and on the countertops—it’s so unnatural (not to mention beyond stressful) to keep a house 100% clean all the time for showings! I really should be packing right now, but I’m just so delighted to have some semblance of my normal life back, even if it’s very temporary, that I’m allowing myself to indulge in blogging again while I have a second to breathe.

Mathias is finally old enough to start “helping” Mama cook!

Here’s how June’s goals shook out:

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June Goals

  • Celebrate Mathias’s birthday
    • Thank goodness I started my list off with an easy win! Mathias turned two on the 19th, and we celebrated by having grandparents over for dinner and cake and ice cream. We also had Matt take a couple hours off of work in the afternoon so we could take the kids to the park for the first time since everything shut down in March. Mathias loved his special day!
  • Interview Dad for the blog
    • I’m so excited to eventually do this, but blogging definitely took a backseat for the month, so I’ll have to roll this over to a month that doesn’t have so much going on.
  • Vote in the Utah Primary
    • I’m so embarrassed to admit that we didn’t do this! We had our ballots ready to go on the counter, but then we had to file them away before all the house showings and by the time we thought about doing it, we had missed the deadline by a couple hours. My goal with the presidential election in November is to just mail in my ballot ASAP so that this never happens again!
  • Finish online photography class
    • Bluprint, the site that I took my class through, originally was totally shutting down, so I hustled to finish watching my class on food photography before it was too late. Well, it turns out that they’ve since been bought out by another crafting website/company, so I’ll still be able to use the annual subscription I bought (which I’m really excited about because there are a ton of classes I’m interested in!). Still glad I completed this one though because I learned a LOT. When I have a bit more time, I’m also looking into getting a subscription to Masterclass. Anyone have any experience with that? Is it worth it?
  • Read 5 culturally diverse books to the kids
    • I put several on hold at the beginning of the month, but many of them had multiple holds on them, so I’m still waiting on quite a few. I did read two though–Fry Bread and Saturday–both of which our kids loved and that we read over and over again.
  • Make 4 recipes out of Whole 30
    • The first month I failed at this 2020 resolution! I only made one. However, I’m hoping to make three more recipes from it at some point during this year, and then I can fully count the 2020 resolution as completed as long as I continue to make progress the rest of the year 🙂
  • Donate 12 boxes to the DI (the Utah version of Goodwill, basically)
  • Finish going through all the bags/bins of clothes
    • Didn’t even touch this one! Basically if it was already packed in some way, I didn’t want to bother while I was trying to get so much else packed away.
  • Get house ready to put on the market
Father’s Day 2020

July Goals

  • Complete moving checklist (+ move, obviously!)
    • I’ve made a tentative moving checklist with about a dozen items on it, including booking the moving van, canceling the utilities, figuring out what we’re going to do with our massive Chicken Palace (and the hens inside), etc.
  • Use free oil changes and other free inspections
    • A couple years ago, Matt bought a punch card from a local auto repair shop that was new in that location and trying to build up business. For $75, he got a punch pass that included all sorts of services, including six oil changes. Since we won’t be living up here anymore, I figure we’d better take advantage and do all the ones we can on both of our vehicles before we move.
  • Make four recipes out of Our Best Bites: Savoring the Seasons
    • Other than last month’s flop with this 2020 resolution, I’ve had a perfect record. My goal is to keep going as planned, and when life slows down a bit, I’ll circle around to June’s cookbook again.
Disney+ — the world’s best babysitter

And that’s it. (Yup, I kept it reasonable for once!)

Now, if you have any ideas on how to get a gigantic, top-heavy chicken coop over a six-foot fence, I’m all ears…

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