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How Our Lives Have Changed Lately

When I stop to think about it, it is staggering how much my life has changed over the past week–

It’s like I’m a completely different person. (No, but really…)

And, since I missed the boat yesterday in doing a throwback Tuesday Tell-All post, I figured I’d update you all a bit on what’s going on around here (and I hope you don’t mind that I’m using these random pictures from our Memorial Day celebrations last week to throw in some random pops of pizzazz here and there since–let’s be honest–I didn’t know what else I was going to do with them):

***First things first, I am no longer a teacher. DUH. I mean, it’s not like I’d been counting down for like 64 days or something stupid like that... But really, this simple little fact is the real catalyst for most of the changes going on around here. Instead of waking up at 5:15 every morning and not being able to see my baby until getting home at 3:15, I wake up around 7, hang out with her all day until Matt gets home from work, and then I actually have energy left over the rest of the time to pursue some of my own interests again.

It’s kind of crazy.

***Speaking of my own interests, I have started to write in my novel again. After taking a six-month break because I didn’t want to overload myself, I’m raring to go on it. And the best part? Yesterday, as I was reading through my draft for the first time since December, I discovered that I’m really quite pleased with it overall instead of tearing it to shreds like I normally do with my writing, which is a good sign. I’d say that all systems are go for me actually completing the first draft of that novel this year, which is one of my biggest new year’s resolutions.

Please admire the adorableness that is her little chubby leg rolls and elbow dimples. 

***Matt’s job has now turned into a full-time gig. His bosses offered him more hours about a month ago, but because of our childcare situation, he wasn’t in much of a position to bump them up at the time. Now that I’m home full-time, however, he has started doing the whole 9 – 5 thing, which is new for both of us. While an adjustment, it IS what we have been working towards all along, and I’m so glad that things have worked out so that we can finally see what a “traditional” schedule looks like.

***Getting used to the stay-at-home life again is an adjustment for sure, but it’s a good adjustment. I am now currently in the process of trying to set up a routine for both myself and Raven so that we both can thrive on a bit of structure around here. I’ve already set up my schedule for her first nap of the day (which will be taken up by blogging and/or writing in my novel), and I’m tentatively working out other things, like which days I want to do laundry and go grocery shopping and which household tasks I want to try and get done every single day (and which I can do just once a week or so). Who knew I would be so stinkin’ excited to be a full-time homemaker? (Definitely not my 16-year-old feminist self, I’ll tell you what…)

***This last Sunday, our ward (congregation) boundaries changed, effectively dissolving the ward we’ve pertained to for the last 5+ years. With this change also came the releasing of Matt from his bishopric calling, which is a MAJOR shift in our religious lives (not to mention our Sunday schedules). While beyond grateful for the personal and spiritual growth experienced by both Matt and myself over the past two years as a result of this responsibility, I will say that it will be pretty delightful being able to sit next to him again during Sunday meetings (instead of him being up on the stand).

***Between the stress of finishing up the school year and everything else going on, I slid back into eating gluten again and my running/workout routine has definitely seen better days. However, the good news is that my body seems to be tolerating the gluten just fine again, with no side effects to speak of (other than perhaps a slight stall in my weight loss since I have started baking again…oops). Along with setting up a schedule for us at home, I also am trying to hammer out my half-marathon training schedule as well, which will hopefully help me get back on track and lose those last 3-4 pounds I have left until reaching my goal weight.
***I broke out into hives the day after school let out for the summer, which just made my countdown to the glorious, worry-free days of summer and the non-teaching life laughable. Having never broken into hives before, I literally felt like it was the universe slapping my face and saying, “Go on—sing that Ironic song. Do it. DO IT.” Needless to say, it was not the ice cream-indulging, water-fight-starting, lots-of-extra-sleeping-in-time enjoying that I’d pictured.  Okay, it basically stunk. There. I said it. (But at least they’re all gone now.)
So there you go—some of the (not so little) life changes we’ve been going through lately. And I’ve got to say (hives aside) that life is looking pretty grand without stacks of grading on my kitchen table and an alarm perpetually set before 5:30 A.M.
Stay-at-home life, here I come!

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