10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

Let’s just not even pretend anymore that I’m trying even the slightest to get these posts down to 10 photos because…I’m not.  (And you know that if I ever do, I’ll be bragging for weeks about it, so maybe it’s better this way.)

But if you’re here, it’s to see adorable photos of my adorable kid, so I guess that strict adherence to ten photos on the tenth day of the month isn’t really an issue for you either, eh? 

Sure, let’s go with that. 

1// We are officially under house arrest until we can figure out Raven’s new carseat (seeing as how we lent our old one to my sister who’s expecting her baby any day now). Five days having not left the house, with no end in sight…who knew that carseats could be such tricky little buggers?
(And yes, we’ve tried YouTube. And reading the manual. And calling it a stupid piece of crap. Sigh…looks like one of us will be driving down to the fire station (or wherever the heck they do the carseat safety checks) and getting this thing looked at sometime this afternoon, seeing as how we have a big adventure planned tomorrow.)
2// We have officially reached the “Cheese” stage. Whenever the camera is out, the cheese is out, too. Where on earth could she have learned this? 😉

3// Because babies in overlarge hats need to have pictures taken of them. Lots and lots of pictures.

4// Since we can’t leave the house in a car, we’ve been taking walks. Lots and lots and lots of walks. (In the good news department, I thought I would have a really hard time getting 10,000 steps a day when I stopped teaching. Uh, NOPE. In fact, I’m getting even more steps now since walking is literally my only form of transportation at the moment.)

5// Meet the two sides of Raven => The Angel and the Mischief.

6// Still saying prayers of joy that she got her daddy’s long eyelashes (which only seem to get longer and longer and darker and darker…)

7// Look what I put in the box, Mom! (Everything that was in the recycling, all the time.)

8// Still likes to go to bed swaddled. Yeah, that habit is not being broken anytime soon.

9// We decided that Raven can even make pioneer-ish dresses look adorable (especially because it’s kind of hilarious to watch her try and stand up without tripping on the hem…don’t worry, she doesn’t actually fall…)

10// Some of Raven’s favorite things–the old pink doll that used to be mine, and her pink “Wubby” given to her by my sister. It’s a relief that the doctor has now given her the okay to sleep with a small stuffed toy now since she refuses to be parted with her “Wubs” without shedding huge “crocodile tears” (as my mom calls them).

And…a little more cheese to add to your day.
Then, of course, a bonus video (of Raven getting tickled):
Yes, I’m well aware how much my video skills need work! Ha ha.