Girls’ Camp 2012

Well, I survived girls’ camp.

I wish I could say I came away without burns or bruises, but that wouldn’t be exactly true.

I promise you I wore sunscreen, and plenty of it.

But it didn’t matter.

Oh well–I love hanging out in my 85-degree apartment with burns all over my knees and neck and back.

But camp was awesome–we enjoyed the wonders of nature, the pleasures of dutch oven cooking, some new experiments (boiling omelettes in plastic bags, anyone?), and some gorgeous sunsets.

Of course, you can’t have girls’ camp without a fair bit of silliness (especially on skit night!).

The girls came up with the whole skit themselves: a miniature musical based off of Old McDonald.


(By the way, our group totally got the loudest cheers cuz we were the awesomest)

And what’s camp without some good ol’ cheesy award-giving?

Guess which one we got?

The golden plunger award.

That’s right, people–we had the cleanest campsite in the whole stake.

Boo yoy.

We rounded out our week of fun with a STELLAR day up at Bear Lake, where we went tubing, water-tramp-jumping, and sunburning, I mean sunbathing.

Besides, it kinda sorta cleaned off the stench that had been building up on us since the beginning of the week.


We rounded off the experience on a spiritual high by having the bishop and his wife come up for testimony meeting, which was preceded by an awesome guest speaker and some scrumptious pulled-pork sandwiches.

Wanna know the craziest thing though?

I went to girls’ camp thinking that I was just going for the girls–that I would just be there to help them have an awesome experience and strengthen their testimonies of our savior Jesus Christ. What I didn’t anticipate was how much the experience would be for MY benefit. With all the craziness of life, I just needed the simple reminder that I am a daughter of God, that He loves me, and that I have infinite worth, just the way I am.

What a perfect week.

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