Pot Roast & Pals

Guess what? I made my first pot roast ever yesterday. Of course, if it were up to me, I would make pot roast every week for dinner (because it’s probably my favorite meal of all time), but due to those rump roasts just being so darn expensive, I haven’t had much opportunity.

But, thanks to my mom’s generosity in giving us a little extra grocery money (not to mention an awesome Bountiful basket–check out all the fruit we got!), we decided to splurge a little and try it out.

Because you can’t have a pot roast with just two people, we decided to invite our good friends, the Roses, over for some home-cooked goodness and chatting.

Who knew that cooking a pot roast and making a fancy Sunday dinner would take so long? Between Matt and I, we probably spent over 4 hours in preparation for the big meal.

 (This is Matt catching me a little off guard as I had just finished setting the table)
 The made-from-scratch mashed potatoes and rolls (the mashed potatoes were awesome–the recipe actually calls for you to make them the day before, which saved us a ton of time)
I’ll have you know that I fully intended to take pictures of the finished meal and of all of us as we were sitting down.
Somehow, between our hungry stomachs and two very active children, that didn’t happen.
But we did get some after:
 (Caleb’s kinda making a funny face, but we wanted a picture of the whole gang)

Thanks guys, for a great Sunday!

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