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All Moved In…Now Where To Put It All?

Less than a week ago, we returned from a week of bliss, relaxation, and no responsibilities…to this: The only saving grace from the massive chaotic disturbance known as our apartment was the fact that Matt’s awesome sisters-in-law had broken in while we were gone and left us lots of surprises–balloons, streamers, rose petals, chocolates, candles…and …

50 Book Challenge

Book #8: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Title: The Memory Keeper’s DaughterAuthor: Kim EdwardsNo. of Pages: 401 After taking an uncomfortably long break from reading (due to reasons that should be rather apparent, if not blatantly obvious), I picked up this thrilling bestseller that left me emotionally hooked after about 8 pages. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter tells the story of the young …

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30-Minute Chicken & Dumplings

Well, after a too-long pause in blogging, I think I am officially back…but, since I have so much to catch up on blogging-wise, I figured I’d just start in the now and eventually build my way back. Today, after our third consecutive day of unpacking/organizing/tossing/going crazy, I decided it was time to take a break …

Here's What's Cooking

Here’s What’s Cooking…Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Remember how Matt and I have that terrible habit of trying out new recipes really late at night, when we really should be getting to bed at an early hour to prepare ourselves for early morning classes? Well, the Monday blues struck again, and we were in sore need of something scrumptious and totally fattening …