Save $1000 in 100 Days Challenge

From a young age, my mom taught me all about how to manage my money well, and it’s a heritage I’ll forever be grateful for. I sometimes joke that if I ever went back to school, I would major in personal finance, just because it’s a subject of endless fascination and interest to me.

Our financial journey might be boring to some (because we don’t have the dramatic debt payoff story that some do), but it’s one I wouldn’t change–both my husband and I graduated from college debt-free, and the only debt we’ve ever had in our marriage is our mortgage, which we took on in 2017 when we bought our first home. For most of our married life, we’ve made do on less than $40K a year (sometimes much, much less) and still managed to pay in all bills in full and on time, save up a decent emergency fund, and have some fun along the way.

Since managing money has always been something I’m pretty good at, it’s something I love to share tips about, and below you’ll find a list of some of the more popular posts I’ve done on personal finance and living frugally:

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