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A Snapshot of My Life Today 12/21/21

Comin’ at you on the Winter Solstice today! Something seemed off from the get go this morning since I seemed to have woken up grumpy from the second my eyes opened, but we’re working on turning things around thanks to dropping off some donations, getting surprise visits from generous neighbors, and having a special candlelight dinner tonight to celebrate the darkest night of the year (but really, to celebrate that from now on, it will be getting a little lighter every day!).

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Time I woke up: around 6:40, to my two older kids crawling into bed with me and being loud (Matt was already up and showering).
First thing I did upon waking: I was having severe back pain, so I went and took some ibuprofen. I’d also been grumpy with the kids for waking me up, so I apologized to them and then started getting bowls out for breakfast.
Current weather: sunny and cold, with snow still on the ground. The last I checked, the temperature was around 13 degrees.

shopping for hygiene products for the refugees

Last 3 things I read (not on the Internet): Wintering by Katherine May (should finish that this week for sure), Welcome Home by Myquillyn Smith, and The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (my total fluff read)
Last website I visited: the local health clinic’s website, as I needed to fill out some forms for a doctor’s visit later today (to blow out my ear, which has gotten clogged, so that I can hear again!).
Last show I watched: a couple episodes of Psych last night as per mine and Matt’s usual habit of watching a couple reruns of our favorite shows before bedtime
Last thing I said: “Okay, we can talk about it later.” (To the kids, as I was endlessly interrupted while trying to write up this post.)
Last out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened: Last night, as we were leaving the store from picking up the items to donate, the couple in front of us who were leaving the store at the same time turned around, handed us a bag, and said, “Merry Christmas!” In it, we found a huge holiday ham.

I didn’t get a picture of my breakfast today since I was in a hurry, so you get a pic of Raven painting Christmas cards instead 🙂

Last thing I ate: cold cereal and hot cocoa for breakfast
Current whereabouts of other members of household: Matt recently left for work, the kids are all playing together in the front room
What I was doing an hour ago: While doing my copy editing job for the local paper, I read about a local couple who were retrofitting their home to accommodate two families of Afghan refugees, who would be coming to live with them in January. They were asking for donations of various things, so my family and I decided to use some of our Christmas money (as well as some donations we got from friends) to buy as many things on the list as we could, and we went this morning to deliver them.
What I’ll be doing an hour from now: Probably cleaning up from lunch, hopefully doing a little bit of reading since I have a couple books I want to finish this week for sure.
One thing I should be crossing off my to-do list today: I bought (yet more) tulip bulbs (I couldn’t resist a clearance sale!), so I’m going to try an old flower farmer trick of planting them in a crate since the ground is too frozen now to put them in.

Current state of the house: cluttered and a bit chaotic

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