10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

It’s been a very full month, full of lots of ups and downs and some great times with family and friends. Most of the big things will eventually get their own posts with their own pictures, but I’m trying to keep these 10 on 10 posts centered around the daily little moments I don’t want to forget.

(Oh, and fair warning: this week of blog posting will be very Raven-centric as she turns two on Wednesday….eek!)

1// Although kids are notorious for having short attention spans, Raven’s always been one who can focus for long, long periods on just one thing (if it interests her enough). Besides “reading” (which she can do quietly by herself for literally up to about half an hour at a time), she’s also pouring that intense sense of focus into other things, like figuring out new toys or new uses for things.

I’m going to say she mostly gets this from me (at least, the ability to focus on reading for a long time, at any rate. I guess I’d better credit her focus for other things to Matt.)

2// This was the month she finally learned to get onto our bed all by herself (an impressive feat, considering that it’s almost three feet off the ground).

We’re in for it now, with our white bedspread and sheets…

3// She’s started crying sometimes in the morning when Daddy goes off to work (something that never really happened before). Also, I think it’s safe to say that she’s a fan of his facial hair.

4// I know all parents tend to be biased in thinking that their kids are super smart and have all these amazing innate talents and everything, but still…I think Raven’s going to be suuuuper musical. She already sings all the time, and when she plays the piano, she doesn’t just crash down on as many keys as possible at the same time—she usually plunks out patterns and plays just a key or two at a time.

Here’s hoping her love for sitting down at the piano carries through to when she’s actually old enough for lessons and will need to start practicing regularly…

5// Raven has officially (re)conquered her fear of going down slides in the past week or two. She had already done this last fall, but with a looooong winter stuck inside with very few slides to speak of, she basically had forgotten how much she used to love it, but now she’s back in the game! (It always helps when the little friends you’re playing with are going down them with no problem, and you don’t want to miss out!)


6// I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned Raven’s intense love of pinecones before, but here’s further proof in these pictures. In fact, one of her first 25 words or so was “pinecone,” and she basically can’t pass one without picking it up.

I’m sure our landlord loooooves to come across long rows of pinecones stacked next to each other every time he mows the lawn outside our apartment complex, ha ha.

7// She’s still not nearly as into sugar as her mama (thank goodness), but she’s slowly starting to gain a taste for the good stuff (aka, chocolate, of course).


8// We are officially in the stage where she is starting to figure out just what kinds of places she can squeeze her little body into.

I currently find this adorable (though I might be persuaded otherwise if she starts in on the cupboards.)

9// Since the weather outside’s been frightful (it actually SNOWED again this last weekend, the horror!), we’ve unfortunately gotten into some bad habits with watching a movie on most days (usually one of the Toy Story movies). I’m hoping to break us of this now that it seems to be warming up again, but it was kinda nice while I let it last…

10// One of her birthday presents (we celebrated a bit early with our families this last weekend) was a giant bubble wand, which we busted out this morning before Matt went to work. Seriously, if we could be this much of a hit on every birthday by basically spending next to nothing, that would be perfection.

In other news, our apartment looks like a tornado blew through it, and we can’t even fully blame Raven—-rather, we’ll just blame us being out of town all weekend and then coming home and dumping everything everywhere and being too tired to do anything about it yet.

Oh well. We’ve got bubbles in the air and Easter chocolate on the kitchen table, so I’d say we’re still feeling pretty pleased with ourselves 🙂

Aaaand here’s (another) bonus reading picture of her enjoying her new favorite book (Pout Pout Fish) because it just wouldn’t be right not to let you all in on how much she loves this little series. (She can even open up to certain pages and quote parts of it!)

And, as always, a little bonus video (this one of her attempting to sing Happy Birthday, which she’d never really heard too much before this last weekend when we sang it to her twice):

Hope it’s been a good month for you, too!

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