10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

You’d think with February being a short month that I’d have an easier time pretending that I was actually going to stick with just 10, but no such luck—I actually feel like I had MORE great pictures than usual that show what we’ve been up to over the past month.

So here goes our (more than) 10 pictures on the 10th:

1// Walking around in Mom’s and Dad’s (but mostly Mom’s) shoes is now a regular occurrence over here. (File under: Things That Are So Adorable They Must Be Shared Even Though All Kids Seem to Do It.)

2// We initially patted ourselves on the back that instead of just one special blankie, we had four (so that we never need worry too much about whether or not we had THE ONE BLANKIE that would make all things right in the world).

Too bad we couldn’t foresee that rather than being content with any of the four (like she used to be), she now must simply sleep with them all.

3// Sometimes I simply hold out our huge, bulky camera as far from myself as possible and see what happens.

Sometimes I get lucky.

4// Apparently we didn’t need to invest in little mittens/gloves for her since Mama’s socks seem to work just as well (and she figured that out all by herself!).

5// My stepbrother and his family have been living with my mom and stepdad for several months now, so whenever Raven gets to go visit her grandparents, she gets super excited to have these two little playmates with her, too. She’s going to be so sad when next time we head down, they won’t be there anymore since they just moved into a house of their own.

6// Because pictures of bubbles are my favorite, and they just never get old 🙂

7// Reading books to her baby before she puts her down for a “nap.”

8// Building huge towers out of Legos so that we can then knock them all down and start over is a big deal right now at the Meidells. Somehow, it manages to still be a big deal despite us doing it every day for weeks and weeks.

9// She looks like she just got “caught” eating the chocolate chips we were putting in the muffin batter, but she had permission 🙂

10// “Smile for the camera, Raven!”

Aaaaaand, then some bonus pics:

11// It’s not often you get one of us both looking and smiling…and it happened while I was putting on her shoes to go outside. No surprise there.


13// It’s finally getting warm enough outside that we’ve downgraded to just a light jacket and (sometimes) mittens. Hallelujah.

14// Ooo…will you peel one of these for me, Mom?

15// We’re starting to let her have more say in what she wears, which is how we get outfits like this.

Which is awesome.

16// Just playing a few rounds of The Hug Game outside of church. It’s basically the best.

For even more pics that didn’t make it in this post, check out my Instagram @torriemeidell.

And of course, I couldn’t leave you on this Friday without a bonus video that I basically guarantee will make your heart melt with cuteness:


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