10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

Every month on the 10th (or thereabouts), I post ten (ahem, ISH) pictures of my daughter Raven, who we’ve been taking a picture of every day since she was born.

I’ll have you know that this month is the closest I’ve ever come to actually keeping the photo limit at 10. Progress!

 1 // Bedhead
2 // Getting probably too attached to the rocking chair we’re trying to sell

3 // Amazing that she picked this up since heaven knows her mama hates talking on the phone

 4 // Showing off new pigtail loops (thanks for the new hair idea, Grandma!)

5 // Practicing nonchalance as she enjoys a snack in the midst of the colossal mess she just made of the recycling bin

 6 // This is probably why muffin-making time is her favorite time.
 7 // She’s pretty good about dropping subtle hints when I need to just put her down for a nap already.
 8 // Always proper, even while eating. (We also have her trained to hand us her bowl,
spoon, and cup upon finishing her food, as well as pick up any pieces she dropped on her tray and wipe everything up. Seriously, who is this princess?)
 9 // I saw you trying to play the piano there, Mom. I saw you.
 10 // Two rainy days in a row are cause for cheesy grins and frolicking around in pink.


Love you, Raven girl! Can’t believe you’ll be 18 months old on Wednesday.

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