10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

Remember how I said that one month, I was actually going to stick with just 10 photos?

News Flash:

This is not that month.

(I mean, look at that face—how could I resist?)

But here are the “official 10,” in no particular order:

1 // Everything is about walking these days. EVERYTHING. Matt and I might have permanent hunchback from walking like this for seemingly hours, day in and day out.

2// We believe in starting kids’ musical careers really young. (And oh, how she loves to “practice”!)
3// She slays me with those pigtails.

4// Watching t.v. like a big girl.

5// Standing around like it’s No Big Deal.

6// Gazing at her favorite page of her favorite book. (Side note: Daddy makes the best moo-ing sound–he basically became the cow whisperer when he worked at the beef plant because he always tried to warn the cows to run away before it was too late…)
7// This is how you’re supposed to play with this toy, Mom.
8// It’s hard to tell her not to play with the DVDs when she gives you this face while doing it. (Seriously–you try it!)

9// To my mother: this is why my daughter is never wearing shoes or socks.

10// It’s official: this girl is mischievous. Her favorite toys? Anything that’s not supposed to be.
 And for a bonus pic—
Good thing she’s cute even when she’s whiny.
Little video of the month:

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