Caffeine Withdrawal is a Real Thing

There’s all sorts of things I could have blogged about today.

There are several hundred images just sitting there staring at me from my Lightroom folder, waiting their turn to be chosen, edited, and then summoned up to the big leagues (aka, The Blog).

I have topics that would make the most sense if done this week (or very soon thereafter), and I’ve actually done a greater-than-usual amount of out-of-the-norm stuff over the past seven days or so.

But I can’t bring myself to blog about any of it.

At 9:00 A.M., when Raven dutifully went down for her first nap, I should have done what I normally do, which is hop on the computer to choose photos, edit them, and then pump out a blog post I can be proud of over the course of about 90 minutes.

For the first 20 of those minutes, I hemmed and hawed on my bed, debating whether my body would let me take a nap (I knew it wouldn’t).

For the next 30, I did exactly the opposite of what I’ve been doing the past several days, and I mindlessly let myself get lost down the rabbit hole of social media.

Then, after nearly an hour of solid procrastination, I made myself get into my newest Lightroom folder, to at least start sorting through and editing the latest photos, if nothing else.

Then I posted a Star Wars collage of sorts on my Instagram.

Then I found this cool picture of a stream (above) that I took on our hike on Monday (which will eventually get some kind of post on its own, I think), and I decided that a “real” blog post was apparently not in the cards today.

The reason for all of this puttering about and procrastination?

My absolute and severe reaction to trying to wean myself off of the Diet Dr. Pepper this past week.

So it looks like I’ll be digging up one of my “emergency” bottles (that are found in an undisclosed location in my bedroom) and putting it in the freezer so that it will be ready to take away all my problems in approximately an hour and ten minutes.

Not that I’ve timed it before, or anything.

Anywho, that is the reason why you’ll find me reading my latest pick from the library and avoiding the piles of clean laundry at the foot of my bed and definitely not writing any kind of useful blog post this morning.

Sorry, world.

I’ll try again later this week.

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