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A Rainy Trip to Antelope Island

We seem to have an uncanny ability for planning our day adventures for times when it’s going to rain since our last three excursions have involved some amount of umbrella usage or refuge-seeking from the storm.
Luckily, the rain brings down the sweltering temps we’ve been having lately and amps up the coolness factor in photos, so even though our trip to Antelope Island this last weekend proved wet, it still made for a pleasant enough trip.

As mentioned previously, we’ve been trying to give experience gifts wherever possible, so that’s why you could find us on said island last Saturday with my mom and stepdad, soaking up the salt-laced air and as much rain as we could handle.

Normally, rain wouldn’t prove too much of a problem with many day adventures since there is at least some shelter to be had somewhere, but for anyone who’s ever been on Antelope Island, you’ll know that there’s basically nothing (not even a tree) to hide under, so it’s a choice between the car and getting soaked.

We chose the car.

Luckily, Raven loves to play peekaboo (which is what was happening in the above photo) and her grandma was only too happy to oblige her with endless rounds of it as we drove through mile after mile of misty flatness broken up by several hundred bison and some sagebrush here and there.

Welcome to the desert(ish), people!

Although the rain did put a bit of a cramp on our desire to hike anywhere (which was the original plan), the trip wasn’t a total bust–

We still got a lot of quality car conversation in and ended the rainy ordeal with a fabulously scrumptious lunch at Sill’s Cafe in Layton, which I’d chosen based on its high rating on Yelp.

Definitely a good choice on my part!

(And no, you don’t get any pictures of our food because we were too busy stuffing our faces with it. I did think I might melt with happiness though when I bit into one of their famously fabulous scones.)

Oh, and even though we spent all of about 20 minutes outside during the whole trip, I’d say that the pictures more than made up for the getting-wet bit.

Note to self–

Make sure that there are no raindrops splattered on the camera lens. (It’s killing me on some of these pictures that they’re basically amazing family pictures of us except for that.)

Next time Antelope Island, we’ll make sure to check the weather report.

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