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A Shower & a Dinner (not at the same time)

It’s funny how things appear to happen in waves–last summer was the wave of weddings, where we attended four within the span of about three weeks. This year seems to have been the wave of babies, with a new friend or co-hort or sister-in-law gettin’ preggers every time I turn around.

Of course, if I really think about it, I know that these big life events are going on all the time, and maybe it’s just my personal focus that changes.

Or maybe it’s because at certain ages, it is more likely for certain life events to happen than others.

Regardless of all that, I’m happy that we had at least one wedding happening this summer–my darling cousin Taylor met the man of her dreams in the midst of playing softball for her college team, and they have that “we’re about to get married” giddiness and glow about them every time I see them.

The actual wedding is tomorrow (which, unfortunately, we have to miss), but it sure was fun to partake in the festivities of the bridal shower and the wedding dinner.

Her bridal shower theme? A “night at the movies,” where we were served nachos, popcorn, pizza, and movie treats, and where our gifts were supposed to go along with a certain movie (I did a rice cooker to go with the movie Mulan, my mom did a clock to go with Somewhere in Time, etc.).

I think the strangest part about growing up is to see everyone else in your life grow up too. I mean, these four cousins of mine have grown up the street over from us for most of my life, and I still vividly remember when most of them were born.

Too weird to think that they’re old enough to be getting hitched.

Then last night, after getting most of  the grime off of me from camp, Matt and I made a beeline down for Bountiful for the wedding dinner.

The theme of the dinner was “S’more love,” complete with an open fire pit and all the fixings (in addition to a low-key, camp-style dinner of potatoes, meat, and baked beans). Considering the fact that I had gotten home only hours before from actually camping and my hair still smelled like campfire, it was the perfect setting for me to just blend right in (thanks for being so thoughtful for my sake, guys! *wink*).

We’re all so happy for you two!
We wish you all the happiness in the world in your upcoming adventure 🙂

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