10 on 10

10 on 10 (+ a Video)

Bonus Pic (not counted in the 10)

I’ve been seeing this little thing around called “10 on 10,” where you post ten photos on the 10th of the month of what life has looked like lately.

Because I’ve been diligently taking a photo of Raven every day, I figured this was an easy way to load some more cuteness onto this here blog AND finally get around to actually doing something with the zillions of photos I’ve now got on my computer (that are of Raven and of the rest of us, too).

I can’t promise I’ll do it every month (or even any month past this one), but here is some baby adorableness to brighten your day:

1 // Bath time (Raven finally graduated to baths in the “real” tub)

2// Four Generations

3// Siblings & Mom Pic at my mom’s 60th surprise birthday party

4// Hair long enough for a single pigtail

5// Happy giggles over playing with the baby monitor

6// Racing around looking for (just a bit of) mischief

7// Daddy laughing at his own jokes. Baby Girl only partly amused.

8// Caught playing with her favorite–the straps on the booster seat

9// Finally getting over her fear of the new toy we bought her for Christmas

10// Snuggles with Mom

 2nd bonus pic because…cuteness (and because apparently 10 is too limiting)

And, to top it all off, one of my favorite videos to date. I’ve firmly decided that even better than getting pictures of Raven is getting short video clips of her—I might just have to start making it a weekly tradition. Enjoy!

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