10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

I’ve gotten all thrown off on my usual M/W/F posting schedule because I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted by this whole house-hunting thing (which is ridiculous, really, since we have hardly even started). But I was determined not to let the 10th pass by without doing my usual 10 on 10, so I’ve forced myself to harness some energy (courtesy of a handful of both marshmallows and chocolate chips), and do this post.

So here we go—ten photos of Raven in the past month that illustrate what life has been like around here lately:

1 //  Lately, she’s taken to stepping up on this little chair, dramatically throwing up her arms, and yelling, “JUMP!” (before she carefully and cautiously climbs down off of it the normal way, ha ha)

2 // The other day I went into her room after her nap (after listening to her giggle to herself for several minutes on the monitor) and found that she had wrapped her blanket around her head like this and was beyond proud of herself for it. (Granted, it DID look pretty adorable!)

3 // Although the intensity and number of her tantrums/whining fits has gone down DRASTICALLY now that she’s over her double ear infection (and whatever else she had), we still usually deal with at least one meltdown a day. It is hard being two.

4 // Because it wouldn’t be a 10 on 10 post without at least one picture of Raven reading (and these Llama Llama books are among her favorites).

5 // Every day, Raven and Daddy go outside after he gets home from work and pick a bouquet of dandelions together, which they will then carefully arrange in a little mason jar. It’s pretty much the cutest.

6 // Working on her throwing skills (which have been improving quite a bit lately—now we just need to work on kicking)

7 // Matt’s mom is a very talented watercolor artist who is often asked to present at workshops and classes and such around the state. This month, we enjoyed having her stay up here with us overnight one day (and Raven even got a little one-on-one drawing time with Grandma!)

8 // I think we’ve let Raven watch more movies in the past month than we did in the three previous months combined. Due to all three of us being sick (and her being inconsolable half the time, it seemed), movies provided an easy distraction from her pain. Bless you, makers of all the three Toy Story movies, which got us through a rough time there.

9 // We don’t get fast food very often, but Raven has developed a minor obsession with fry sauce (aka, ketchup mixed with mayo for all you non-Utahns), and she has actually taken to slurping it out right out of the container sometimes (sooooo gross). I think Matt was throwing up in his mouth a little as I was taking this picture…

10 // Raven is a bit obsessed with hats, which is both great and terrible—great because it means that she’s usually pretty good to leave one on for a decent stretch of time when we’re outside, but terrible because she doesn’t usually let OUR hats stay on our heads for very long.

Aaaaand, of course, a little bonus video of some play time with Grandma:

All in all, a pretty decent month, actually (despite all the sickness!)

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