The Worst Way For It All to End


 There are a million ways I would have liked my summer to come to an official end–with a cake-decorating fiesta perhaps, or by riding on a rollercoaster while eating a churro, or with a massive ice cream fight.
Yes, I realize those all have to do with food. I know where my priorities are.
You wanna know what actually happened?
Last night, I was in a blissful state of mind as I contemplated how I wanted my summer to go out–I was planning dates, dreaming up creamy concoctions, and raiding the fridge. You see, I still had two whole days of freedom before going back to teaching, and I was going to ANTM and Psych those days for all they were worth.
Oh, how ignorant I was.
When 11 PM struck last night, I thought I’d better check the school calendar “just in case” I had somehow gotten my days mixed up.
Imagine my feelings when, to my horror, I discovered that I actually needed to go back to it all TODAY, a feat that would require me waking up in the 5:45 AM range and somehow pushing onward through all the orientation sludge on only six-ish hours of sleep.
It wasn’t pretty, friends, but at least today’s faculty meetings, plannings, gossipings, and worryings about the incoming students are over.
And now I’ll drown my sorrows in Diet Dr. Pepper and a fudge bar while I reminisce of happier days, mainly the awesome picnic we took up to Tony’s Grove last Saturday (which ended up being our “real” end-of-summer bang).
Seeing as how the whole thing was basically awesome, I guess I can’t be TOO mad about the way the whole thing went down.
Plus, after all, I didn’t lose my job due to my stupidity.
 Is your summer going to go out with a bang?

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