Scenes From the Weekend

Not Totally a Bust of a Weekend


To take advantage of the fact that it was actually 40 degrees (FORTY DEGREES!) here in Logan last Saturday, Matt and I really wanted to go check out a cool hike or something before the temperatures dropped again (and before the rain dumped down on us all day Sunday).

So we decided to go to Hyrum State Park (above).

Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly do our homework because we didn’t realize that you actually had to pay money to get into the park.

And neither of us had any cash on us.

So we contented ourselves with a few pictures around the perimeter and headed back to the car.


The outing wasn’t a total bust though because we came across this gorgeous building on our way back (it’s the oldest church building in Hyrum), and we were delighted to find the two llamas that were hanging out in the front. (More on them later.)

At first, we were being creepers (okay, I was mostly being a creeper) and looking in all the windows and stuff because we thought it was abandoned, and we like old, abandoned buildings.

However, upon seeing the large lion-like dog around the corner of the building and quickly realizing upon peeking in that it appeared someone was living there, I took off through the snow.

Then we drove to an antiques store and wandered around for an hour or so.

So all in all, even though the adventure didn’t go quite as planned, we still thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air.

And the time spent together, of course.

And the llamas didn’t even spit on me.

It was a win-win, really.

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What did you do to take advantage of the sun over the weekend?


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