Style Learning Curve

Style Learning Curve: 1 Dress, 2 Ways

It must be a sign that I’m learning from all those style blogs I’ve been following for over a year now–I think I’m finally getting the hang of how to look beyond a garment’s normal use to see it for its layering potential.

Take this dress from H & M for instance–I bought this dress last summer for my best friend’s wedding, and I couldn’t see much else I could pair it with other than the heels and simple jewelry you see me in in the first photo.

Then, last Sunday, I had a little revelation—why not try it with a buttton-down shirt underneath, wide belt, and leggings?


I know, I know—you all learned that back in 4th grade. But I’m still in Style 101, okay?

Basically, this was a Proud Moment for me.

So be proud of me, friends.

(Of course, I followed this Proud Moment up with burning our super gourmet Kraft mac & cheese dinner tonight. I didn’t even know that was possible, for crying out loud!)

See any other ways I could wear this dress?

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