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Wardrobe Basics: The Gaps


With all my informal research on minimalism, I have discovered that most people looking to simplify eventually end up drastically paring down their wardrobes so that they mostly include well-made classic pieces and just a few “fun,” trendy/colorful items.

As my own look has evolved from mostly t-shirts and jeans to a more professional, adult-appropriate style, I have found myself parting with a lot of the cheaper-looking pieces in my wardrobe and gravitating toward things that will last me for a good several years more at least.

Of course, there are a couple problems with that ideal—

One, I’m a bit restricted on budget. Since we’ve been trying to save up money for when Matt gets into grad school and when we one day start a family, I haven’t allowed myself as much money to spend on clothing as I have in the past.

Two, there aren’t many places in Logan that sell reasonably high-quality pieces, and whenever I go down to Bountiful, I usually prefer to spend my time with family and friends rather than go shopping. (I guess I could online shop, but that always makes me wary because a good fit is something I’m really trying to invest more in.)

But as I was going through yet another closet downsizing this last week, I noticed that there are a few pieces I would really do well to invest in:

– a well-made white t-shirt that fits well and that I actually like (instead of the 8 or 9 I have that are “just okay” but that I don’t WANT to wear that often)
– solidly made knee-high boots that will last me for the next ten years (I’ve bought myself 3-4 pairs of inexpensive boots, and boy are they looking shabby after just two winters of wear)
– a three-quarter sleeve blazer (I like my full-length black blazer all right, but I know I would wear a 3/4 sleeve blazer more often since I’m not a huge fan of long sleeves)
– grey skinny jeans (I wore out my favorite pair from Old Navy in about a year, and I’m desperate to find a better-made pair, and pronto)
– a structured dress in a neutral color (like black or navy) that makes me feel like a million bucks
– a swimsuit that actually makes me want to GO swimming
– comfortable black flats that will last me longer than the ones I currently have (which didn’t even make it a year from all the walking I do while teaching)
-close-toe black heels that are dressy but reasonably comfortable and easy to walk in (my one really well-made pair finally gave out about 6 months ago after almost ten years of constant use)

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start spending about $100 every 3 or 4 months or so and start picking up some of these classic pieces.

I have two questions for you—

First, what stores and brands do you know of that produce high-quality clothing at semi-reasonable prices? (aka, about $100 (or less) for an item of clothing and about $200 (or less) for a pair of shoes/boots?)

Second, have I skipped over any other essentials? Anything that my list is lacking? (you should know that I already have a beautifully fitting winter dress coat, a decent white button-up, a black pencil skirt, and nice dress slacks)


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