Scenes From Our Easter


Last weekend was charmingly simple—we didn’t have much going on, which is how I like it sometimes. Sometimes the social media world at large (I’m looking at you, Pinterest!) makes us think that we have to go all out for every holiday in order to maximize the enjoyment and show the world that we know how to really live it up.

But since I’ve been trying to consciously put less needless pressure on myself, I’ve simplified a lot of our holiday routines. Thus, Easter this year was spent going to church, enjoying a delicious (but simple) meal of slow cooker pot roast, roasted vegetables, and homemade rolls, and playing games with friends.

The simplicity of the day encouraged me to be a little introspective than usual as I thought about the idea of new life rising up from the ashes of death—Christ’s resurrection has always been one of the most glorious and most comforting truths in my life, especially as more and more of my loved ones each year pass on to the other side.

Just as we watch the world come alive again every spring, so will each person rise again from the dead–that is the glorious promise given to all men (and women). Likewise, I tend to take the idea further—often, with each “death” of certain seasons of our lives, there is inevitably a rebirth–a chance for us to rise again, a better and more glorious version of ourselves. And thus we find ourselves constantly growing and “hatching” into more and more progressive versions of ourselves, much like a hermit crab “graduates” to bigger and better shells.

I have a feeling that I have my own “rebirth” coming up here in the next little while as we prepare ourselves for some upcoming changes (which I’ll post about a different time).


The weekend also was a bit of a “calm before the storm” — we have a LOT of  important events coming up, like my half marathon on Saturday, Matt’s completion of finals next week, our 3-year anniversary, and several end-of-the-school-year festivities (and stresses) for me (along with those changes mentioned earlier).

I kind of have a feeling that life isn’t going to slow down much until June, when I’m finally done with the school year and have settled into some of the changes and have had time to catch my breath.


But such is life—always providing us new environments and experiences to force us to rise from the ashes of our old selves and grow into something new.

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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