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My Other New Year’s Resolutions

In addition to my 50 Weeks to Organized resolution, I’ve got a few other goals up my sleeve. Surely you didn’t think that that would be my only one?

A lot of people talk about how resolutions are a waste of time, but I’m genetically programmed to want to set goals all the time, so there hasn’t been a year yet (I don’t think) that I don’t make resolutions at the beginning of the year. And while some have been less successful than others, I have found that when I make a plan for how I’m going to carry my goals out and make an earnest effort to implement them, I DO change and I DO reach a lot of my goals, even if only partially.

So with a fresh new year before me, I’m determined to accomplish the following:

1. Eat like a vegetarian at least three days a week. You might remember a couple months back when I mentioned that I wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables (at least 35 servings/week to be exact). It’s never sat right with me that I still haven’t been able to reach that goal, and so I figured a more drastic change would be necessary. Since the price of meat is expected to go up another 5-6% this year (and since it’s already so darn expensive as it is), I’ve decided to go meatless at least three days of the week, for all three meals. I’ve already completed two of my three days for this week, and you know what? I feel better already. (Plus I’ve already dropped the holiday weight!).

To keep myself accountable for this, I’ll be posting a meatless recipe once a week and updating you on my progress as a part-time vegetarian.

(Side Note: I’m well aware that my salad up there has chicken on it. I was just showing my mom that I was at least eating some vegetables!)

2. Read two chapters of a book on most days. Since my last two book challenges have been epic failures, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t stress out too much about how many books I read in the year, but that I should instead be focused on reinstating reading as a daily habit in my life. I’ve worked on this little goal all this week, and it’s so nice to just be able to read to read, instead of thinking of how many books I still had left to read before the end of the year.

And, to simplify my reading posts (but still keep myself accountable), I’ll be doing a monthly post summarizing briefly all the books I read and how I felt about them instead of a post each time I finish a new title.

3. Completely finish Baby Steps #1 & 2 of Dave Ramsey‘s Total Money Makeover plan, and start on Step #3. Just in case you’re not a Ramsey follower, here’s the breakdown:

Step #1: Save $1000 as quickly as possible for an emergency fund.
Step #2: Pay off all debt.
Step #3: Add to your emergency fund so you have money sufficient to cover 3-6 months’ worth of expenses.

I’ve loved how Matt and I both have the vision of avoiding debt as much as possible, which is why we’ll be able to knock out #2 within such a short amount of time (we just have some small personal loans from our parents that need to be paid off–nothing else). However, saving a lot is something that comes much more naturally to my husband than to me, so the other two goals should prove challenging. My goal is to have at least two months’ worth of expenses saved by the end of the year.

So, including my 50-week organization challenge, that makes four resolutions in all. 2012 was so good to me, and I have high hopes for 2013 as well.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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