This Year, I Resolve To…

I love the idea of a new beginning–it’s the reason I always look forward to a new school year or a new job. New beginnings mean a chance to see yourself in a fresh light, the opportunity to harness the hope that comes from clean slates.

So it stands to reason that I would be a sucker for New Year’s Resolutions. As far as last year’s resolutions went, well…there’s room for improvement (such as the fact that my goal was to read 50 books and I only read 19. And the 19th was a bit embarrassing to review because it involves a vampire love story, and we all know how I feel about those. Therefore, there will be no review).

But in a lot of ways, I succeeded in my attempts at self-betterment this last year. I mean, thanks to my Change It Up Challenges, I took up yoga, started couponing, lost ten pounds, learned the joy of bright lip color (much to Matt’s dismay), and really started to love photography. So in light of my successes (although most of them were unplanned), I’m really feeling like this will be a winning year.

Without further ado then, in 2012, I resolve to:

*Run a marathon. (This WILL happen–Matt and I have already dropped $200 to register our spots in the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 21st, and we’ve started our training already–I’ve run over 15 miles in the past week to start preparing myself for the more strenuous training schedule that starts in two weeks).

*Read double the amount that I did last year, which translates to 38 books. You can stay posted on that by reading my upcoming “38 Book Challenge” reviews. I do realize this does not have the same relish that “50 Book Challenge” does, but what can ya do?

*Go to the temple every month

*Have people over to dinner every other month. (These first four goals are resolutions that Matt and I set together during Family Night last night. Goals are so much easier when there’s someone to be accountable to!)

*Finish typing up my mission journals.

*Do the NaNoWriMo challenge. (This might not happen in November, but we’ll see).

Oh 2012, you’re going to be so good to me!!

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