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Red, White, & Blue for Christmas

 (Note to self: do not put hand over stomach like so in pictures–makes it look like I’m preggers)
Yesterday was our Christmas program at my church, which I was a part of (as a member of the choir). Generally my plan on such occasions is to look a little festive for the holiday as I’m getting dressed, which in years past has always seemed to mean red and black (with occasional green thrown in).
Not this year though—this year, I decided to rebel a bit against tradition and went with berry, navy, and white for the occasion, which I believe I pulled off without looking too much like I’d dressed for the wrong holiday.

Here’s a secret—

I like being a little different in the ways I do things.

(That includes the way I do Christmas colors apparently, as well.)

True story: the holiday colors in our decked-out apartment right now are green, silver, gold, and blue—hardly traditional Christmas colors, but I LOVE the way they look together.

In fact, for Christmas, I’m almost always drawn to more unusual color combinations and tend to shy away from pairing the traditional red and green. Some of my recent favorites are: pink and silver; cream, gold, and green; and berry-red and white.

I know some people think it’s sacrilege to stray from the traditional red and green—that in some way, the fact that people trend towards different color combinations makes them celebrate the holiday in a lesser way somehow.

But I say, bring on the blue! Bring out the silver and pink! Go ahead and put fuchsia highlights in your hair in honor of the season!

What about you? Are you a traditionalist with your Christmas colors?

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