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Okay team, so maybe this Change It Up isn’t exactly this-week-recent, but I feel like this week was definitely a sign of how far I’d come in this area since coming home from a mission last year. You see, up until semi-recently, I wasn’t quite aware that style blogs existed. Let me rephrase that: I wasn’t aware that style blogs existed that I would actually like reading.

I actually have Mary’s blog to thank for introducing me to the concept of a style blog that would actually warm me up to the idea of changing my own personal fashion sense (normally I just like looking at fashion magazines and then forgetting everything I just looked at). I liked how Mary put simple pieces together in creative ways; it made me think, “Hey. I can do that.”

I also was introduced to the Clothed Much blog through her blog, which was the beginning of the end (of my blissful ignorance before of how much potential could lie in a seemingly innocent closet). Since then, I have come to love blogs such as The Daybook (my favorite), and Kendi Everyday, to name only a few. The thing I love most about these blogs is this: they make killer personal style seem affordable and (relatively) effortless. I was especially inspired by the idea of the “30 for 30 Challenge,” which is all about remixing the clothes you already have in new and creative ways.

For the first time in years, I started to want to get ready for the day (not that I ever stopped getting ready of course–I just kinda looked at it as one more thing on my to-do list). For me, this process hasn’t been about becoming the most fashionable or the prettiest or the most trendsetting: really it just boils down to the fact that I feel better about myself when I look my best. And it’s been really fun to try out some fresh looks, because one thing I know for sure about myself is that I get bored with my style very easily (especially my hair).

So, after that lengthy introduction, here are two proofs I offer that I have indeed learned a thing or two over the past several months:

I submit to you: the top bun. Admittedly, this isn’t the best picture (I get pretty camera shy when it’s just me in the frame), but I like this style a lot more than I thought I would.

The Side Braid (easy and quick and stylish. You can’t get much better than that).

I would just like you all to take this moment and admire how far I’ve come. Me, who up until about five years ago only wore “nice” clothes on dates and t-shirts the rest of the time, put this little number together all on my own. Yes, ME, the one who owns hardly any prints and thinks a good outfit means taking the time to find a piece of jewelry that matches. So the fact that I paired this country-style shirt with a dressier vest and pearls is a BIG leap forward. You all should pat me on the back.
I guess this post is my way of saying “thanks” to all those blogs out there
who have inspired me to change it up more on a daily basis.
I bet my husband thanks you too.

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