Change It Up Challenge

Change It Up #2 – Time

A few weeks ago while volunteering one Sunday at a rehabilitation center, I made a list of “Things I Would Do If I Had More Time.” The environment around me that day really made me open my eyes and realize that there were so many things I loved to do but that I never did because I just got so busy in other things (mainly school and work). One of the items on the list of things I would do was, “Read Time magazine every morning over breakfast.” Back in August, I got a killer deal on Time magazine (a year’s worth of issues for only $2!), thinking that it would be one way of helping me stay up on the goings-on in the world. Considering we have no t.v., this was my feeble attempt at “staying up with the times” and broadening my intellectual horizons. What actually ended up happening was that each week, the Time magazine would come to the house in Bountiful, where it would then be transported up to Logan, where it would then sit on one of our coffee tables in teetering stacks, just waiting for someone to take pity on it and read a line or two.

But this week for my Change It Up Challenge, I made the firm resolve to make time for Time. Unfortunately, the most recent issues have all but disappeared (probably due to one of my roommates’ cleaning rampages), so I was forced to read some of the articles from way back in September and October (heaven forbid). The first day I tried the experiment, I learned some fascinating facts about how the prenatal environment shapes later development, and the second and third days I tried it I found out about some pretty awesome things that were invented in 2010 (like a robot that stores top-secret information that is programmed to tell lies and deceive those who would try and tap into it). I loved how it gave me new things to think about and helped me make new connections to things I previously knew. However, I was only able to actually do the challenge three days out of five, because my body just did not want to get up any earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I already wake up at 6 a.m.).

So, was CIU #2 successful? Kinda. Idealistically, it would be wonderful if I could implement it every day, but that just isn’t realistic sometimes. I will, however, be trying to do it far more often than I was before.

(and as a side note, I now consider Yoga a must-do for my sanity!)

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