Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

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I feel like everything aligned this week to insure that this week would be worlds better than last week. Sometimes that just happens, you know? So because I’m feeling so thankful today, I decided to do a few little thank-you shoutouts:

**Thank you again, Mom, for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent to my work on Monday. It brightened my whole week, and they still look great!

**Thank you to the guys at work for staying here late one night and making it so the rest of us got free pizza the next day. That was pretty awesome.

**Thank you to my amazing friend Petrice, who snuck into our apartment yesterday while I was out and cleaned the whole thing!! Isn’t that the most compassionate and thoughtful thing you’ve ever heard of? I think she’s amazing. Actually, I know she’s amazing. You’re the best, Petrice! You have no idea how much of a difference it made in how I felt when I got home from work.

**Thank you to my boss, who randomly picked me up a frosty at Wendy’s today. This has never happened in the history of my work (at least during the 4 months I’ve been here). I’ll take it!

**Thank you to Matt, who surprised me last night right when I came home from work by saying, “I’m taking you out to get pupusas tonight” (pupusas are my favorite food from El Salvador). I haven’t eaten any since getting back from my mission, and boy, were they tasty! Plus surprise weeknight dates are pretty much the best things ever–there’s nothing like spontaneity to just make you feel like a kid with no worries 🙂

**Thank you magazine people, for sending me my two current favorite magazines (Oprah and All You) in the same week. Now I just need to find the time to read them.

Wow, all of this thanking business is getting me inspired—who knows? Maybe I’ ll finally finish up the wedding thank-you’s tonight. Ha ha.

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