Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday – 7th Grade Edition

In carrying with the theme of gratitude that we’re supposed to be focusing on this month at our school, I made all the kids in my advisory write down things that they were grateful for. So, straight out of the 7th graders’ mouths, here’s a whole lot of thanks [all errors are theirs, not mine, btw]:

“I am grateful for Chuck Norris”

“I am grateful for toilets cuz without them we would have to go on the ground”

“I am greatful for school so I don’t become stupid”

“I am grateful for friends because without them you wouldn’t have any thing to do all you would get to do is hang out with family”

“I am thankful for me otherwise I wouldn’t be alive”

“I am Grateful for potatoes”

“I am thankful for food. Without food I am gonna starve to death”

“I am thankful to have clothes because if I didn’t i would have to wear the same clothes everyday until we got enough money to buy new ones”

And finally,

“I am grateful for my teachers and having the chance to get a Education. Not many people get an education or wounderful teachers who are nice and understanding like Mrs. Meidell.”



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