My First Ever Blog Survey! (Pretty Please Fill Out?)

This picture of me posing in my first maternity-wear of this pregnancy and of Raven checking out her silver shoes is totally relevant to this post. Why do you ask?

Well, I’ve finally decided that after almost ten years (yep) of blogging, it was probably time I conducted my very own blog survey.

Why have I shunned this common blog tool in the past?

  1. I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually fill it out (except maybe for a few family members and a couple close friends)
  2. I was terrified of getting blog threats (post more pics of your Dr. Pepper and chocolate binges OR ELSE)
  3. Um, I didn’t know it was a thing for like, the first five years of blogging?

However, seeing as I’ve totally changed the look and name of the blog over the past year (and changed a bit of my focus on it, too), I figured I’d better grow some guts and just post one already.

So, PRETTY PLEASE (with high fives on top), will you click on the button below and take it? It’s 10 questions, is relatively painless, and doesn’t require that you kiss up to me *too* much.

Please, and Thank You.

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